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Police Department

The Newark Police Department is entrusted to stabilize the City of Newark's neighborhoods and secure its business district in order to create a climate for a safe community life and economic growth. The mission is accomplished through Community Service Policing (CSP), a strategy designed not only to combat crime and maintain order, but to bring the Police Department into a closer working relationship with the neighborhoods.

The Newark Police Department includes the following divisions:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC Board), which maintains the files and records of the liquor licenses in the City of Newark, regulates the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages of each licensee, and ensures that all licensees follow the state and municipal laws, rules and regulations governing their operation.
    (973) 733-6445
  • Detective Division, which identifies and apprehends criminals and recovers stolen property. The division also follows up on all offenses and is divided into four components: Major Crimes Bureau; General Investigations; Narcotics; and the Property and Evidence Bureau.
    (973) 733-6246
  • Internal Affairs Bureau, which investigates all police and civilian employee candidates, supervises special police officers, handles civilian complaints that require internal investigations, and manages the subpoena control function.
    (973) 733-6171 / 6175
  • Patrol Division, which responds to residents' request for service; apprehends offenders; prevents crime; collects evidence, and maintains order within the community. The division is comprised of four Police District Commands and a Tactical Patrol Bureau.
    (973) 733-3617
  • Records and Communications Bureau, which collects and classifies all police reports, warrants, traffic records and offense reports. The Communications Bureau is divided into four sections, including Teletype, Computer-Aided Radio Dispatch, Technical Staff, and the Police Signal System.
    (973) 733-6057
  • Special Operations Bureau, which was developed as the result of an administrative need to achieve a greater degree of efficiency, provides inter-unit training programs, allocates manpower, and coordinates the response of service.
    (973) 733-6050
  • Taxicab Commission, which establishes and enforces safe standards for taxicabs licensed to operate in the City of Newark through registration and inspection.
    (973) 733-8912
  • Youth and Community Service Bureau, which provides services to juvenile offenders as well as their families and makes referrals for rehabilitative treatment of juvenile delinquents. The bureau is comprised of the Youth Aid Unit, the Truancy Task Force, Sexual Assault Rape Analysis (SARA) Unit and the Missing Persons Unit.
    (973) 733-6092