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Accounts and Control
The mission of the Division of Accounts and Control is to protect the assets of the City of Newark by maintaining accurate accounting records and is responsible for the recording of all financial transactions of the City for all of its funds including current, water, sewer, general capital, water capital, sewer capital, insurance and other trust funds.  The Grant and General Accounting unit under the leadership of the City’s Comptroller maintains the official books of accounts of the City of Newark.

The primary objective of the Accounts Payable unit is the timely and accurate processing of all legitimate claims against all City agencies for payment due for the delivery of goods and/or services.  Another unit within this division is the Payroll unit which processes all payments to all active and retired employees in accordance with established procedures, rules and regulations.

The mission of the Treasury Division is to assist the Chief Financial Officer in maintaining prudent custodianship of municipal funds.  One of the primary objectives of this division is cash management which is accomplished through the projection of cash position, recommendation of investment of idle cash, and reconciliation of City’s cash records to the City’s bank accounts.

Under the leadership of the City’s Assistant Treasurer, this division is also responsible for the issuance and distribution of all checks and payments of the City.  The prompt payment of debt service to finance City’s capital is also an objective of Treasury.  Many of the cash internal control functions are performed by this division.

Revenue Collection
The mission of Revenue Collection is to insure that all taxpayers of the City of Newark are billed properly and accurately for their property taxes and tax abatement charges and to collect and report this and all revenue of the City in a timely and accurate fashion.  Under the leadership of the Tax Collector, the objectives of this division include billing, reporting, collecting, and enforcing all revenue activity pursuant to the relevant State statutes.

This division initiates and carries out various enforcement procedures pursuant to NJSA 54:5-6 through 5-10.3 relative to the non-payment of taxes and other municipal charges.  This includes any tax sale of delinquent taxes and foreclosure of any municipal liens.  In addition to these duties, this division receives for deposit only all other municipal revenues and reports these collections to the CFO through its revenue collection system.

Employee Retirement System
The mission of the Employees Retirement System is to insure that eligible employees are enrolled and contributing accurately to the pension system and those eligible retirees are receiving payments in an accurate and timely manner.  For former employees who retired from the Employee Retirement System, pension checks are mailed twice each month and pensioners are required to complete annual affidavits.

This division under the leadership of the Secretary of the Employees Retirement System also prepares and files the quarterly pension reports required by the State Division of Pension for those employees who are members of the State Public Employees Retirement System of the State Police and Fire Retirement System. 

Tax Assessments
The mission of the Division of Assessments is to locate and determine the taxability of real estate and personal property value and to defend such values to insure equity among all taxpayers within the City of Newark and to comply with relevant state statutes.  Under the leadership of the Tax Assessor, this division is responsible for assessing all property within the City to maintain the tax base within the City.  This tax base is of vital importance to the City since it insures that the tax burden is distributed fairly across the City, determines the local share of county taxes and the borrowing capacity of the municipality.  The total assessed value of a municipality is an important indicator of its fiscal strength and stability.

The Surveyors section is responsible for the maintenance of detailed tax maps for each parcel of real estate in the City, preparation of property mergers and sub-divisions, and input of changes to property records including ownership, mortgage codes, assessments, and etc.   The Assessors section objective is to value the property equitably in accordance with existing laws, rules, and regulations by gathering and analyzing data pertaining to new construction, alterations to existing properties, demolitions and fires.   Data involving rental income, sales prices, leases, and changes in neighborhood structure is also collected and reviewed by this section for impact upon accurate assessment of property.  Preparation for defense of tax appeals is an integral responsibility of this unit to maintain equity within valuations of properties.

Abatement and Special Taxes
The mission of the Division of Abatement and Special Tax is to administer the overall operations by monitoring the performance indicators and productivity for enhanced accountability.