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Taxi and Livery

The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for processing taxi and livery insurance policies and binders, as described below.

The insured of a taxi or livery must first go to the Division of Taxicab, 31 Green Street, Room B203, Newark, NJ, to complete the following transactions:

  •  insurance policy or binder
  •  Submission of a change of request form, such as transferring or deleting/adding vehicles
Upon approval from the Taxicab Division:

  •  Policy or binder will be processed in the City Clerk's Office in Room B9 in City Hall.
  •  White cards will be issued with updated taxicab insurance information, and/or
  •  Pink cards will be issued with updated livery information.
The renewal period for all insurance policyholders begins in March of each year. During this period, all drivers and/or owners must report to the Division of Taxicab for renewal of their licenses. After renewing their licenses, they must report to the City Clerk's Office in Room B9 to pick up their Certificate of Compliance (also called white cards or pink cards).